One Very Good Reason

One Very Good Reason

One Very Good Reason

Why One In Five Minds? If you’ve reviewed the One In Five Minds website, you’ve seen the statistics – and the reason for the name of this campaign. 1 in 5 is the number of kids who suffer from mental, emotional and behavioral health problems. In Bexar County, Texas, that adds up to over 80,000 kids. And of that group, estimates reveal that over 75% won’t get help.

There are a number of reasons, but the main one is there’s a stigma associated with mental health care and children. As if a family with a child who has a mental illness should keep it hidden. But the message behind One In Five Minds is to let kids and families struggling with mental, emotional or behavioral health challenges know they’re not alone. And help is available.

There are others having the same struggles. That doesn’t make these kids different or defective. It makes them human. We all have some measure of physical, mental, emotional or behavioral challenges. The difference is for too long families dealing with a mental health issue didn’t get help. Maybe they weren’t sure where to go, or how they would pay. Or it might have been they didn’t know what people would think.

We’re here to tell you what people think—it’s OK to get help.

In fact there is one very good reason to get help. For the child. Whether you’re the parent of a child or family member or friend, getting help early on can make a difference. Getting help allows the child to focus more on their growth, talents and gifts, and less on the effects of an illness. Getting help allows a child to achieve their full potential.

One In Five Minds is an advocacy campaign. It’s a vibrant, growing movement of people who are caring, supportive, and maybe even struggling themselves. But by coming together to support the need, we can break the stigma associated with children’s mental health, and ensure all of our kids receive the care they deserve. Because every child is worth it. Will you join us in making sure every child receives the mental health treatment they so deservedly need?

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