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In his Month of the Military Child proclamation, President Biden declared: “these young people live out the words of the poet John Milton, ‘they also serve who only stand and wait.’  We see their service and thank them for it.”

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Military families overcome challenges that most civilian families can’t imagine! Over time, these unique stressors can take a toll on even the most resilient kids. Unfortunately, due to frequent transitions, it is easy to miss warning signs that a child needs help.

Build a resilient military family


Find support anywhere

Military to civilian transition

Wounded warriors

Blog Header - Perspective from a Military Child

Perspective from a Military Child

Have you ever heard the expression, “Bloom where you are planted?” I heard this phrase years ago and it has …

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Blog Header - The Clarity Staffs Stories On Military Life And Kids

The Clarity Staff’s Stories On Military Life & Kids

As part of Month of the Military Child, the Clarity Child Guidance Center staff chose to share some of their …

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Month of the Military Child 2021

Month of the Military Child 2021

If you’re a military parent, you know how your children serve our country. In his recent Month of the Military …

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For a more thorough and complete discussion about raising resilient children, please help yourself to our free PDF guides. The Battle Plan for Mental Wellness explores how to raise resilient kids, while The Military Parent’s Guide to Children’s Mental Healthteaches how to respond to children’s mental health struggles.

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