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one in five minds

One in Five Minds is our prevention, education, and awareness program at Clarity Child Guidance Center. We provide information and resources to parents, professionals, and the community so families no longer have to struggle with children’s mental illness alone. You can explore our One in Five Minds program online or in-person, through articles, events, and more! Sign up for our newsletter, Moments of Clarity, for monthly updates on what’s new.

for kids

Everyone has physical health and mental health. Both need care to stay strong! Find out how you can spot problems, heal hurts and build strength with our for kids materials. You can also find community events and support groups for kids on our calendar.

for parents and caregivers

Do you know a child who is struggling? You can discover options using the One in Five Minds materials below:

military families

San Antonio is Military City USA. As such, Clarity Child Guidance Center is here to serve kids whose families are in active duty, veterans, and reserves. 

To learn more about your child’s mental health:


Educators are often on the front lines of children’s mental illness. Unfortunately, schools are not always equipped to recognize and assist kids in complex situations. Managing challenges, engaging with parents, and avoiding burnout are huge undertakings. Find ways to turn these issues into opportunities.

Not sure if your school is a member? Click here!

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