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our model of care

We believe that children want to overcome their problems, but many don’t know how. Our goal is to work with the child and their family to discover what is preventing them from overcoming obstacles and removing any roadblocks. Ever since Clarity CGC was founded in 1886, our core value is to treat the children in our care with dignity, respect, and understanding.

The initial step in our treatment model is to clarify and diagnose the patient’s condition by conducting a mental health evaluation:

  • brownstar Evaluation is administered by a mental health professional trained in children’s care.
  • brownstar Caregiver/family involvement is expected and encouraged.
  • brownstar After the evaluation, a course of treatment is recommended.
  • brownstar At the appropriate time, a discharge summary is provided to the referring provider.

Our Model of Care is based on the following three cornerstone values:

Dignity: The quality or state of being worthy of esteem. We treat the patient with positive regard and worth regardless of age or symptoms. This is not something a patient earns; it is inherent and unchanging.

Respect: To show regard for. We show respect for the patient unconditionally, regardless of the severity of symptoms and the patient’s inability to control their aggression and hostility. Courtesy and kindness are foundations of respect.

Understanding: To maintain a constant curiosity about the patient and their symptoms. We avoid the trap of "knowing" what is best for the patient. We look beyond the obvious behaviors, such as aggression, self destruction, opposition, isolation and search for the underlying cause or deficit.

kids do well when they can

When kids are equipped with what they need, they can be successful. This belief is key to working with children in a collaborative manner.

In Clarity’s approach to care, we want to figure out the triggers and pathways that are causing the child to not be successful at home, school, and play.

Our goal is to equip children with the skills and tools they need to grow up healthy, happy, and successful in life!

building a therapeutic relationship with kids

Our patient population includes children dealing with:

  • brownstar Poor frustration tolerance
  • brownstar Emotional dysregulation
  • brownstar Difficulty with attachment and socialization
  • brownstar Trauma

We create a therapeutic relationship, helping children overcome the effects of these difficulties. We do this by being open, warm, connected, and non-judgmental with the kids in our care. We also strive to be attuned to their feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. 

Just like cancer, mental illness is far easier to treat in its earliest stage.

Judge John Specia Jr.

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

How We Treat Kids

how we treat kids

programs and services designed with compassion Our first goal is to work with your family to identify the cause of the major challenges facing your child. Our professional staff will conduct a screening assessment and then develop a plan of action to begin the healing process. Our recommendation depends on the severity and specific needs of each child. family involvement is vital Communication and involvement with family members is a top priority. Our staff understands that you are the caretaker and need to know about the progress of your child at all times. You remain in control and are constantly informed about what is happening on-campus by regular calls from nurses or counselors. If you need any resources related to your child’s treatment, our staff can assist you in finding them. don’t let financial concerns keep you from seeking help A major goal of Clarity Child Guidance Center is to assure that children who come to us in need get help. Find out more about our financial services by visiting here. take the first step and call today Our licensed professionals will evaluate your child’s situation and decide the next step. A quick call to 210-616-0300 today will start putting your mind at ease.
The Clarity Difference

the clarity difference

Clarity Child Guidance Center is unique in many ways. What makes Clarity different? 

  • brownstar Treatment: Clarity is the only nonprofit mental health treatment center in South Texas, specializing in the treatment of children and adolescents ages 3 to 17, struggling with serious mental, emotional, or behavioral problems.
  • brownstar Continuum of care: Our 8-acre campus, located within the South Texas Medical Center, provides evaluations and assessments, therapy for individuals, families and groups, day treatment, and inpatient hospitalization.
  • brownstar Expertise: At Clarity Child Guidance Center in San Antonio, we have the region’s largest group of children’s mental health experts, thanks to an affiliation with The University of Texas Health Science Center. As a United Way agency, we are also accredited by the Joint Commission.
  • brownstar Who We Help: Clarity helps children regardless of their parent’s ability to pay.
  • brownstar Model of care: We believe that children want to overcome their problems, but many don’t know-how. Our goal is to work with the child and their family to discover what is preventing them from overcoming obstacles and removing any roadblocks.

Ever since Clarity Child Guidance Center was founded in San Antonio in 1886, our core values have been to treat the children in our care with dignity, respect, and understanding. 

What Parents Are Saying

what parents are saying

  • brownstar Clarity has helped my child become more like herself again. She is more comfortable with herself.
  • brownstar CCGC has always been very helpful with my son’s needs and this is the only place I trust with my child.
  • brownstar They’ve helped me a lot. They answer my questions and I trust them. I can count on Clarity. Thank you! God Bless.
  • brownstar We would have been just another statistic if not for Clarity.
  • brownstar They treated my daughter with respect and made her feel safe; they really understood her.
  • brownstar I feel my child was treated well and with respect. My son is seen and cared for as an individual and I feel staff, doctors, and therapists make an effort to see and treat his uniqueness. Clarity is able to provide safety in a crisis situation. Clarity is a life-saver. Thanks to Clarity we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • brownstar I cannot thank the staff enough for their kindness, caring, and understanding!
  • brownstar Thank you all for helping my daughter and teaching her the importance of life and herself. This has been difficult for us, and the Clarity staff has been nothing but kind and understanding, helpful with all questions and concerns.
  • brownstar Everyone at Clarity was great. They explained all the information about my son’s stay. They gave me good feedback and guided me to help make my son a better person.

I want to support the kids at clarity!