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Educators are often on the front line when it comes to recognizing a child who experiences mental health problems. These issues can manifest as disruptive behaviors, but often the changes are not as visible and obvious.

  • purplestar How can you tell if the child is going through a developmentally normal rough patch or struggling with mental illness?
  • purplestar What is the best way to respond to students and understand their situation?
  • purplestar How do you engage with a parent on such a sensitive topic?

As part of our One in Five Minds program, Clarity Child Guidance Center is committed to helping schools identify students at risk and connect them to care when needed. Additionally, teachers need to remain mentally healthy themselves in order to provide the best possible care for students.


From warning signs and classroom management to communication and self-care, our educator-specific articles can guide you towards a mental wellness in and out of the classroom! 

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For Educators

When it comes to recognizing children’s mental health issues, educators are on the frontlines! Empower yourself to recognize and respond appropriately with these tips for teachers.

Helping Parents

Helping Students


Understanding Self-Harming Behaviors and Students The Basics for Teachers

Understanding Self-Harming Behaviors and Students: The Basics for Teachers

Self-harm or self-injury is often used as a way to manage intense emotional distress. At its core, intentionally hurting oneself …

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Finding the One in a Sea of Zoom Faces How Can Online Educators Identify Students Who May Have Mental Health Concerns

Finding the One in a Sea of Zoom Faces: How Can Online Educators Identify Students Who May Have Mental Health Concerns?

As teachers, we are used to noticing the student who just doesn’t seem engaged, or who is absent too often, …

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How COVID affects student mental health and you can help

How COVID affects student mental health — and you can help

This school year looks very different compared to last year. The phrase “social distancing” is now part of our everyday …

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continuing education

Clarity Child Guidance Center provides professionals with countless hours of continuing education unit (CEU) credits at our annual children’s mental health summit and individual training events. In response to the changing needs of our community, we’ve launched a brand new, entirely virtual way to get the same vital information – ClarityU! From the comfort of your own home, you can expand your understanding of children’s mental health and discover new ways to help the students who depend on you.


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