outpatient services

clarity pyschiatric emergency services

In the event of a medical emergency, call 911 and take your child to the closest emergency room. For psychiatric emergencies call our crisis services department at 210-582-6412. We offer round-the-clock assessment to determine if a child needs to be kept at a hospital for their safety.

outpatient services

Our specialists, therapists, and psychiatrists are trained in assisting parents and kids with issues related to mental health, substance abuse, family/relationship issues, and childhood behavioral problems.

A licensed mental health professional will recommend the appropriate services for your child’s age and developmental needs. 



A detailed assessment of your child’s mental health is key to finding the best treatment.

Psychological assessments vary based on the complexity of the problem and the types of questions that you, your child, psychotherapist, and psychiatrist want answered.

first step™ program

You know your child needs help, but you aren’t sure exactly what they need or where to get it. That is where the First Step™ Program comes in!

First Step™ is a one-time consultation that gives you a professional recommendation about service(s) your child or family may need. 

At First Step™, your child and family will:

  1. Be assessed by a psychological testing technician
  2. Meet with a psychology provider for a comprehensive interview
  3. Receive the results and professional opinion about what service(s) can help you
  4. Work with a care coordinator to schedule appointments and get support with receiving recommended service(s)

The entire appointment (check-in through care coordination) will be around 3 hours.

Follow up services may or may not be provided by Clarity Child Guidance Center. 



During psychotherapy, patients receive emotional support, learn to understand their feelings, and try out new solutions to conflict. Your child’s goals can be specific (changing a certain behavior) or general (less anxiety, better self-esteem, etc.).

Good communication – such as talking through conflicts and feelings to discover new solutions – is an important ingredient of psychotherapy.


Due to COVID-19, outpatient therapy services can be conducted via Telehealth when needed due to medical concerns.  Your family can stay at home and still meet with a mental health provider if you or your child has an elevated risk for infection.

For the best Telehealth experience:

  • Prepare a quiet, private space for your session.
  • Discuss the potential benefits and risks of Telehealth with your provider. Virtual services differ from in-person ones.
  • Understand that confidentiality still applies for Telehealth services. Providers will document Telehealth sessions in patient’s medical record and follow our standard documentation policies and procedures. Both you and Clarity agree not to record and store the sessions.
  • Contact Patient Financial Services at 210-593-2240with any questions regarding your bill. Clarity bills for Telehealth services using the same agreement made with you for in-person services.

Due to the pandemic, some insurances are waiving copays for Telehealth services. If you are unsure of your copay amount, please contact your insurance company for clarification.

medication management

medication management

Your child will need to visit a psychiatrist if their therapist, counselor, or primary care physician recommends medication.

Psychiatrists are experts in various types of medications, how they work, possible side effects, and what is best for each patient.

Please share any concerns or observations with your child’s psychiatrist to help them determine if the dosage needs to be adjusted or the prescription changed.

teen & preteen groups

teen & preteen groups

Patients can attend sessions with kids in their same age group and/or gender who are facing similar issues, such as relationships, school, trauma or other social challenges. These groups are confidential, safe places to talk and to listen. Watch our calendar for dates of upcoming sessions or call 210-616-0300.

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