Did We Get It All Wrong?

When Dr. Marcela Polanco knocked on “Alicia’s” door to meet her daughter “Sophia”, she suddenly realized she hadn’t reviewed the little patient’s clinical history. In this TEDxSanAntonio Children’s Mental Health Salon talk, Dr. Polanco shares how not seeing the clinical background first, helped her to first see another side of this beautiful little girl.

This video replay is from the TEDxSanAntonio Children’s Mental Health Salon: Where are the Casseroles? One in Five Minds collaborated with TEDxSanAntonio to present this unique children’s mental health event on September 13, 2014. In this talk, Marcela Polanco, PhD, assistant professor & director of the masters in psychology program at Our Lady of the Lake University, asks “Did We Get it All Wrong?”

  • One in Five Minds is our prevention and education program at Clarity Child Guidance Center. We provide information and resources to parents, professionals, and the community so families no longer struggle with children’s mental illness alone.

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