Clarity Child Guidance Center

Healing young minds and hearts

Clarity Child Guidance Center exists to transform the lives of children and families. We are the only nonprofit mental health treatment center specializing in children ages 3-17 in San Antonio and South Texas. Our inpatient and outpatient programs include a range of services including crisis stabilization, psychiatric evaluations, and ongoing therapy.

  • Make Mental Health a Priority, Too.

    Parents need to prioritize our child's mental health as much as their psychical health, but how? We are sharing 4 tips on our blog. ...

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  • how do i know if my kid is stressed out?

    Most parents would be concerned if someone told them their child was stressed. Some stress is normal and can help motivate children and keep them focused. However, intense stress levels can have a negative impact and overwhelm the child if they are not able to cope adequately....

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  • The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Exercise

    Have you ever found yourself exercising and then feeling better both physically and emotionally? Running, working out and participating in sports have always been important aspects of my own well-being and I often see how physical activity can help adults, teens and children feel better about themselves....

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