Clarity Child Guidance Center

healing young minds and hearts

Clarity Child Guidance Center exists to transform the lives of children and families. We are the only not-for-profit mental health treatment center specializing in children ages 3-17 in San Antonio and South Texas. Our inpatient and outpatient programs incorporate a range of services including crisis stabilization, psychiatric evaluations, and ongoing therapy. 

  • Words to Live By

    What started as a family mantra has shifted into our framework for getting through the pandemic....

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  • How to help my daughter feel good about herself despite social media?

    Our daughters will have moments (sometimes years) of insecurity. Comparison is normal and healthy to a certain degree. But when your daughter starts to compare herself too much to her peers or images she sees, she may begin to be dissatisfied with herself. So how can you help your daughter feel good about herself?...

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  • is my child autistic?

    With more attention from media and increased public awareness, caregivers are increasingly concerned about the possibility that their child is autistic. Understanding the history, symptoms, and diagnosis process for Autism Spectrum Disorder can alleviate some of these fears....

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