Will Neuroscience Ever Provide Anything Useful For Children’s Mental Health?

This is the decade of the brain, as reflected by a major research initiative launched recently to map the human brain. However, unlike the human genome project, we’re not sure what we’ll get as a result. Connections within the human brain are very complex and it’s not realistic to think that this research will meaningfully impact the quality of life of people who suffer from mental disorders, let alone prevent these disorders in the foreseeable future. But we already have an answer to these illnesses.

This video replay is from the TEDxSanAntonio Children’s Mental Health Salon: Where are the Casseroles? One in Five Minds collaborated with TEDxSanAntonio to present this unique children’s mental health event on September 13, 2014. In this talk, Joseph Blader, PhD, child and adolescent clinical psychologist at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, considers the question “Will Neuroscience Ever Provide Anything Useful for Children’s Mental Heath?”

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