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Claritycon2022 Breakout Speaker - Sofia Sepulveda

Sofia Sepulveda

Upholding the Wellbeing of Transgender Individuals: Maintaining Inclusive Health Care Settings Sofia Sepulveda is a first generation, Mexican-American Trans Latina …

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Claritycon2022 Breakout Speaker - Veronica Villegas

Veronica Villegas

Imposter Syndrome, Burn Out and Systemic Barriers Veronica Villegas, M.A; M.Ed; LPC, is a bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor and owner …

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Claritycon2022 Breakout Speaker - Melissa Williamson

Melissa Williamson

Understanding the Predicting Brain and How it Supports Connection Melissa Williamson, EdD, CTP, is a faculty member at The University …

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