Event Calendar - Parents Chat - Raising Resilient Children

Parents Chat: Raising Resilient Children


Learning resilience is a normal part of growing up and comes naturally to most kids. But how do you help kids who struggle with mental health difficulties? Should the “difficult child” be left alone or conversely pushed much harder?

In this session you will learn:

  • Typical strategies for raising resilient kids
  • Adapting to children who have mental illness
  • Creating a bonding relationship with any kids


Dr. Joshua Essery is the Director of Outpatient Clinical Services at Clarity Child Guidance Center. He provides outpatient family, group, and individual psychotherapy as well as psychological assessment services. Dr. Essery is involved in the supervision and training of psychology residents at Clarity CGC. His clinical interests include psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, personality assessment, interpersonal process-oriented group therapy, existential psychology, and the integration of psychological and spiritual perspectives.

how to attend

Registration is not necessary and attendance is free.

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