parent chat - establishing routines and structured virtual school days

Parents Chat: Establishing Routines & Structured Virtual School Days 


Culture, environment, and parenting styles will make routine very different in every family, but a balanced structure  in the family life is important. With COVID, routines have to be reinvented, and parents have to work harder to organize family life.

  • Why is some routine important for child development?
  • What are some key routines at different ages?
  • How do you implement a new routine when it’s a challenge?


Dr. Megan Lawson is a licensed psychologist at Clarity Child Guidance Center. She provides outpatient individual and family psychotherapy to children and adolescents, and psychological assessments on an outpatient basis. Dr. Lawson serves clients with a variety of mental health concerns, runs a trauma-informed group for teens, and specializes in the evaluation of children with neurodevelopmental and autism spectrum disorders.

how to attend

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