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Grow Your Parenting Skills | Misbehavior & Discipline That Works

parenting skills group

Clarity Child Guidance Center is hosting 8 sessions of parenting skills classes to empower parents and caregivers with the knowledge and techniques they need to lead their families into a happier, healthier future.

Sessions occur once per month and are each 1.5 hours long. Every session is a stand alone class, so caregivers may attend as many or as few as they like.

Each session has room for 20 participants. Attendees are encouraged to attend alongside their spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, or any other caregiver in their support system. However, there is a two caregiver limit per household. Please share who you are bringing when you call to register.


  • TIME: 5:00 – 6:30 pm
  • DATES:
    • Oct 19, 2022 – child development
    • Nov 16, 2022 – understanding your child’s emotions
    • Jan 18, 2023 – active listening and effective communication
    • Feb 15, 2023 – misbehavior and discipline that works
    • Mar 15, 2023 – building your child’s skills
    • Apr 12, 2023 – understanding your child’s emotions
    • May 17, 2023 – active listening and effective communication
    • Jun 14, 2023 – misbehavior and discipline that works
  • WHERE: JLSA Education Center | 8535 Tom Slick Dr, San Antonio, TX 78229
  • WHO: This group will be facilitated by Reem Eissa, MA and Gabby Weierbach, MA, who will be supervised by licensed psychologists from Clarity Child Guidance Center’s outpatient team. 

NOTE: Childcare is NOT provided on Clarity’s campus. Please make your own arrangements beforehand.

session topics

Topics for parenting skills classes include:

  • Child development
    • Reflect on the expectations you place on your children
    • Understand your child’s developmental abilities and limitations at different ages
    • Discuss common parenting problems and strategies for developmentally appropriate ways to deal with issues
  • Understanding your child’s emotions
    • Explore your views about emotions and what you were taught about feelings growing up
    • Understand the brain science behind children’s emotions
    • Discuss how to recognize and respond to tantrums
  • Active listening and effective communication 
    • Explore family problems that arise due to communication difficulties
    • Discuss communication styles that can contribute to family problems
    • Practice active and reflective listening skills through role play and discussion
  • Misbehavior and discipline that works
    • Explore issues with common discipline methods
    • Identify strategies for effective parenting and discipline that reduces unwanted behaviors
    • Practice effective ways to encourage wanted/positive behaviors in children
  • Building your child’s skills
    • Discuss the importance of family time in children’s socioemotional development
    • Learn ways you can build your child’s tolerance for daily stressors
    • Explore ways you can enhance your child’s self-esteem (encouragement vs praise)


Please call Reem Eissa, MA at 210-593-2166 or Gabby Weierbach, MA at 210-593-2155 to sign up.