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you are not alone

If your thoughts and feelings can be overwhelming, you are not alone! One in five kids struggles with their mental health. That means hundreds of thousands of people your age in Texas get how you feel.

Find out how you can spot problems, heal hurts, and build strength.


Explore our mental health blogs for tips on caring for yourself, friends, and family.

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Anxiety Are All These Nervous Feelings Normal

Anxiety: Are All These Nervous Feelings Normal?

Surely you have felt anxious before taking a pop quiz in class or stressed when you realized that an assignment …

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Questioning In Quarantine How Can LGBTQ Kids Stay Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Questioning In Quarantine: How Can LGBTQ+ Kids Stay Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

There is one thing, across the board, that we can all agree on — 2020 is a bummer! Every week …

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Are You Experiencing Stress Or Mental Illness Here is How You Can Tell

Are You Experiencing Stress Or Mental Illness? Here’s How You Can Tell

Stress is something I think about a lot. That’s because my job is all about understanding and helping families through …

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Clarity has in-person and online events where you can learn more about mental health and meet people who understand what you are going through. Check out our calendar here.

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