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Dealing with Crisis

During a crisis, you think on your feet. There are big choices that need to be made quickly. While you need to rely on mental health professionals to inform those choices, our articles can give you points to consider and food for thought.

In case of emergency

Navigating a crisis situation is incredibly challenging, especially when kids are involved! These articles can’t give you treatment advice; however, they can discuss some scenarios you may be facing.

Weather the storm

An emergency lasts a moment, but a mental health crisis can drag on for a long time. Keeping yourself and your family moving forward through all the challenges and stress isn’t an easy task! Find ways to weather this storm here.

De-Escalating A Dangerous Situation SAPD Crisis Intervention Training

De-Escalating A Dangerous Situation: SAPD’s Crisis Intervention Training

Imagine that your son or daughter has a history of mental illness with occasional, violent outbursts. What if one of …

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Mental Health Triage Parents on the Front Lines

Mental Health Triage: Parents on the Front Lines

Melissa Deuter, MD/Medical Director of Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care, leads a session on how educators and mental health professionals …

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Don't Talk About My Child That Way

“Don’t Talk About My Child That Way!”

The old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” is simply not true. …

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