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Educators are often on the front line when it comes to recognizing a child who experiences mental health problems. These issues can manifest as disruptive behaviors, but often the changes are not as visible and obvious.

As part of our One in Five Minds program, Clarity Child Guidance Center is committed to helping schools identify students at risk and connect them to care when needed. Additionally, teachers need to remain mentally healthy themselves in order to provide the best possible care for students.


From warning signs and classroom management to communication and self-care, our educator-specific articles can guide you towards a mental wellness in and out of the classroom! 

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For Educators

When it comes to recognizing children’s mental health issues, educators are on the frontlines! Empower yourself to recognize and respond appropriately with these tips for teachers.

Helping Parents

Helping Students

Helping Teachers

Blog Header - Autism And Social Anxiety Disorder Question And Answer with Dr. Megan Lawson

Autism & Social Anxiety Disorder Q&A with Dr. Megan Lawson

1) Why is it important to differentiate between social anxiety disorder and autism spectrum disorder, even as a layperson? It …

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Blog Header - how to craft your crisis plan

how to craft your crisis plan

Crisis plans, also known as safety plans, are a great tool that allow us to prevent, recognize, prepare for, and respond …

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Blog Header - When Traumatic Stress Looks Like ADHD or ODD - Digging for the Root of Behavior

When Traumatic Stress Looks Like ADHD or ODD: Digging for the “Root” of Behavior

Let’s say you wake up one morning with a sore throat. You go to the doctor, and they give you …

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continuing education

Clarity Child Guidance Center provides professionals with countless hours of continuing education unit (CEU) credits at our annual children’s mental health summit and individual training events. In response to the changing needs of our community, we’ve launched a brand new, entirely virtual way to get the same vital information – ClarityU! From the comfort of your own home, you can expand your understanding of children’s mental health and discover new ways to help the students who depend on you.


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