Warm Hearts During Cold Winter Days

Warm hearts during winter cold days

Warm Hearts During Cold Winter Days

The winter storm sweeping across Texas has left thousands of families without power or water for days at a time. Numerous nonprofits have risen to the occasion with community support.

Clarity Child Guidance Center is incredibly grateful to the generous individuals who remembered our kids and their needs during a time that is hard on everyone.

Thank you for your warmth and caring!

  • April Ancira
  • Lindsay Bauch
  • Mike Blumenthal
  • Taylor Boone
  • Meriel Bowman
  • Elise Boyan
  • Miguel Chapa
  • Jill Cruz
  • Margaret Deming
  • Jennifer Dewar
  • Tammy Fulgham
  • Barbara Gentry
  • Adele Glenn
  • Leonard Gutierrez
  • Angela Holliday
  • Reed Hurley
  • Crystal Kohanke
  • Tony LoBasso
  • Kim Lubel
  • Chandler Mantiply
  • TJ Mayes
  • Larry Mills
  • Charmaine Morehead
  • Michael Morgan
  • Harvey Najim
  • Kerry Pape
  • Emily Rogers
  • Claire Rouse
  • Sydney Rouse
  • Sabrina Salazar
  • Benjamin Scott
  • John Seybold
  • Danny Simmerman
  • The Greehey Family Foundation
  • Tinsley Smith
  • Pam Thibodeaux
  • Laura Verette-Carson
  • Mark Vickery
  • Joanna Weidman
  • Gigi Williams
  • Tracy Winstead
  • Karen Lee Zachry

Thank you to the organizations around town who were good neighbors to us at Clarity.

Please take care of yourself and your family first and foremost during these frigid days. If you are in a safe enough position to help your community, you can click here to give now to the kids at Clarity or explore our How to Get Involved page for volunteer opportunities.

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