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What is Clarity Child Guidance Center up to? How do we feel about current events? Find out here!


While the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is a medical issue, everyone is feeling the mental health effects of the pandemic. Unstable family situations, unpredictable education, and prolonged stress are hitting kids especially hard. This unique year merits some unique blogs to address its mental health challenges!

Blog Header - Teaching in Traumatizing Times The Power of Attachment

Teaching in Traumatizing Times: The Power of Attachment

We are two years into the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a time of complex and collective trauma. Collective traumas are …

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Blog Header - i am feeling blue t-shirt

I am feeling BLUE t-shirt

The “I am feeling fine” shirts are back by popular demand! Green shirts were created to thank our donors for …

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Blog Header - Ted Lasso's advice for managing bad behaviors in the classroom

Ted Lasso’s advice for managing “bad” behaviors in the classroom

Anxiety – particularly in this time of COVID, masks/no mask, vax/no vax – manifests in a surprising variety of ways. …

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