Teen Dating Violence

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Teen Dating Violence

According to the 2021 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey “over 71% of women and over 55% of men experienced intimate partner violence (sexual, physical violence and/or stalking) under the age of 25, and 1 in 4 women experience intimate partner violence prior to the age of 18.”

As I think about the increase in teen dating violence and intimate partner violence cases,  I can’t help but think……

If “it takes a village to raise a child” (Numbers 11:1-17), how many more does it take to help a teen out of teen dating violence?  A village means where we work, go to school, play and/or eat with those we know well, those we know casually and those we know intimately.

If we all take a moment to notice others and be willing to ask if they need help, how much better would our world be.  A gym instructor, a cafeteria worker, a salesperson at a clothing shop, the lifeguard at the local pool in the neighborhood.

If we all took a moment to notice, ask and share what we see, would it be easier for teenagers who need help to reach out?  Stop and think the next time you see a teen that is looking down at the ground; does not smile; appears to never be without their partner; not allowed to go anywhere without the girlfriend/boyfriend; appears to be crying and sad a lot; not allowed to say, do, or wear what they want; whose partner answers for them; does not seem happy despite being in a youthful relationship.

If everyone took the time to notice, talk, share, offer advice; how might this world we are in be a better place? How might we all in the village feel loved and cared for, even if our loved ones are not the ones showing us love.  Imagine how resilient teens could be and healthier and happier adults we would have in our new and improved Village!

Resources for youth, advocates and preventionists:

Organizations that can help:

  • Love is Respect.org

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