Steven Gonzalez

Managing the Behavioral Storm of Foster Parenting

Steven Gonzalez, Ph.D.,LBA, BCBA-D, CCTP, is no stranger to working and contributing to multidisciplinary teams for the betterment of individuals from all walks of life.  He has worked at the PhD level alongside nurses, psychiatrists, LMSWs, LCSWs, adoption agencies, attorneys and judges to ensure permanency of children in safe and supportive environments while reducing the placement into foster care.  The children and families he has worked with deal with issues such as incarceration, homelessness and trauma, while several have had diagnosis of IDD and autism.  Gonzalez also pioneered a program by which he provides training to hospital medical professionals including MDs, RNs, intake and registration specialists, and administration professionals, in de-escalation techniques to be used during crisis for patients of all ages.

Gonzalez has been involved in developing and implementing behavioral interventions since the mid-1990s. Previously, he served nine years as the Faculty Chair for Social Sciences and Department of Psychology for the San Antonio campus of the University of Phoenix; adjunct faculty for the University of Texas San Antonio; adjunct faculty at Kaplan University Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis program; and adjunct faculty for Arizona State University. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor in the Applied Analysis Department at Ouachita Baptist University.    He obtained his Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialty in Behavioral /Organizational Psychology and a post-graduate re-specialization from the University of North Texas in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Gonzalez is currently state licensed in Texas as a doctoral level behavior analyst and holds a national board certification in applied behavior analysis. He is also licensed as a Chemical and Dependency Counselor – Intern in preparation for full licensure. In addition, he has successfully earned a professional certification from Florida State University in Trauma and Resilience, and holds a certification as Certified Clinical Trauma Professional from the International Association of Trauma Professionals.  Gonzalez also has acquired a certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and has extensive training and guided mentorship in the modality of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

He has clinically supported the Department of Family and Protective Services in conjunction with Casey Family Services with children that have been exposed to abuse and neglect for over 15 years. His goal is to provide the most comprehensive and effective clinical services to individuals from age 2 through end of life in crisis, psychiatric care with acute and chronic conditions and those with and without developmental disabilities.