Mar-y-Sol Salinas-McCoy

Wisdom of the Moving Body: Supporting Self-awareness, Resilience, & Growth through Embodiment Practices

Mar-y-Sol Salinas-McCoy, M.Ed., is a certified Master Life Coach and educational leader with over 20 years of experience in the fields of education and personal development. She holds a B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Ethnic Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University, Portland, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies where her dissertation research is focused on the micro-phenomenological examination of embodied intuition and its role in the development, expression, and trajectory of leadership.

With a passion for equity and social justice, Mar-y-Sol’s professional experience has focused on supporting systemically excluded, underserved, and underrepresented communities in a variety of settings.  Her work in higher education has included director-level positions in academic and career advising, disability support services, conducting workshops and professional development trainings, teaching student development and internship courses, program and curriculum development and assessment, implementing retention strategies and initiatives, and process improvement based on data-driven analysis, as well as coaching and mentoring from a whole-person approach. Prior to working with adults, Mar-y-Sol was a Montessori educator (PreK – 6th grade) who guided youth and families in nurturing a love of learning, fostering independence, and looking at the world through a cosmic perspective of interconnectedness.

As the founder of Essential Wisdom Coaching, a transpersonal coaching and consulting company based in San Antonio, Mar-y-Sol’s focus is on supporting clients to nurture their personal and professional growth and development, while offering skills-focused assessment and targeted training when necessary. For those seeking a deeper whole-person approach to coaching, Mar-y-Sol offers a variety of transpersonal, creative and embodiment methods to guide clients in reaching their goals, with an emphasis on bringing more joy and balance to life. As a consultant and speaker, Mar-y-Sol works with organizations internationally to support their employee wellness programming and diversity, equity, and inclusion work through custom talks, workshops and trainings.