Lisa Keefauver

Grief Happens: Let’s Talk About it Already

Lisa Keefauver, MSW, is a social worker turned grief and empathy activist. She is using her personal and professional experiences with grief and loss over the past 20 years to create a grief-smart culture. As founder and CEO of Reimagining Grief, host of the top-rated podcast “Grief is a Sneaky Bitch,” and Adjunct Professor of Loss and Grief at Steve Hicks School of Social Work at University of Texas at Austin, she is transforming and expanding our understanding of grief, and changing the lives of individuals, communities and organizations along the way. Lisa uses her warmth, vulnerability, curiosity, humor and therapeutic skills in her work as an inspirational speaker, writer, podcast host, grief guide, educator and organizational consultant.

Lisa is creating a grief-smart culture through her top-rated podcast, speaking engagements, workshops and her deeply vulnerable, authentic and insightful writing. She’s served as a VIP Contributor to Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global network, been a contributing writer for outlets like SAP Global, HR Dive and The Candidly and a CBS Contributor to We Are Austin. Through her Daily Invitations shared on social media, topical blog posts and insights shared in her newsletters, Lisa brings a unique blend of personal and professional wisdom to her readers.

Listeners from more than 45 countries tune in to hear her deeply intimate and informative conversation-style podcast, Grief is a Sneaky B!tch. From CEOs and thought leaders to social workers, authors, educators, filmmakers and stay-at-home moms, she invites her guests to open up about the complexity, confusion, and even confidence they have gained by navigating a grief journey of their own.

Lisa’s expansive experiences, resilience, emotional intelligence, and storytelling skills allow audiences to connect, learn and be inspired. As one conference organizer noted, “Lisa was able to articulate a very traumatic self-experience into an excellent and inspiring story of perseverance. The entire audience was captivated with her dynamic delivery and ability to infuse light, humor, and positivity into a challenging topic.” (Julie A. Kunkle, Open Sky Media, Inc)

She has developed a unique set of services and products to support and educate individuals, communities, companies and health institutions navigate the inevitable grief that comes with being human.