Frank Castro, Jr

Healing the Wounded Spirit: Restoring our Balance through the Pathway of Healing

Frank Castro, Jr, is a father, veteran and co-creator of the San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign. He has over 25 years’ experience in various family and community initiatives to include program and project development. A product of the West Side of San Antonio, he is a local and national speaker focused on bringing cultural, educational and social awareness through a personalized growth and experience approach.

For over 20 years, Frank has transformed the lives of countless families through a healing approach called La Cultura Cura which utilizes the methodology of culture and community to creating family success.  He has facilitated numerous initiatives designed to engage men to be leaders and role models for their family and community, and educating young men and boys about healthy masculinity and respect. Additionally, Frank has served as local, state and national facilitator on male involvement behavior utilizing an understanding of the cultural roots and history of the oppression/trauma seen today, and recognizing the need for healing communities. Throughout his professional experience, Frank has been part of healing communities involved with youth/gang violence, child abuse and domestic violence, criminal justice re-entry, veteran and military support and community restorative practice.