Christie Melonson

Cultural and Complementary Attitudes and Approaches in Psychotherapy

Christie Melonson, M.A., LPC-S, PhD, is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Doctor of Organizational Leadership who currently serves as the Regional Psychotherapy Director for MindPath Health in Texas. She has researched multicultural leadership in behavioral health and other fields. Melonson has served in behavioral health settings ranging from Pre-K through higher education, as well as medical and non-medical counseling settings. She has served as a consultant, educator and advocate for honoring the cultural healing traditions of diverse populations.

In addition to her work as a behavioral health leader and therapist, Melonson is also a Shamballa Reiki Master and a published author in the self-help genre. She is inspired by holistic perspectives on healing and feels strongly about helping others grow so they can reach their goals. Her approach toward healing is inspired by personal experiences of being a woman of color and Creole heritage, research, world travel, and appreciation and understanding of a variety of healing paradigms and spiritual approaches to health.