Ashley Robbins

Nutrition & Mental Health: Type 2 Diabetes, The Mental and Social Effects in the Childhood Population

Ashley Robbins, MS, RDN, attended Texas A&M University where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. Ashley completed her master’s degree in Nutrition & Advanced Metabolism from the University of Texas Medical Branch. While a graduate student, she completed in-depth research on nutrition and disease mitigation.

As a dietitian, Ashley has experience working in both the clinical and school nutrition management sector. While at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Ashley gained experience working with pediatric burn patients, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity management and nutrition counseling.

Ashley is currently specializing in the pediatric population and works as a school nutrition district dietitian and training coordinator at North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. Ashley is passionate about finding creative solutions to everyday problems and implementing them in her day-to-day operations to improve the lives of students with better nutrition.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt, and 1-year old daughter, Emilia. Ashley is passionate about traveling, experiencing other cultures and the outdoors.