Carol Carver

Carol began her work at Clarity as an RN staff nurse in 1982. She recently obtained a Masters in Nursing at Walden University.  She has held several different positions over the past 33 years including Nursing Supervisor, Director of Nursing, Acute Care Program Director and Quality Assurance Coordinator.  Currently, Carol serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  She participates in community presentations on mental health issues and is a member of the American Nurses Association.

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  1. I would appreciate a phone call or email back after leaving several messages on your company voicemail. My son was threatened with CPS and removal from my custody DAILY. the therapist kaelin dubbels refused to let my son be present during the “family session”. I expressed how angry I was that my son was constantly being threatened and that I revoked consent to treat him. She retaliated. She and the “Dr.” , who is actually an NP, put a 24 hour hold on my son stating concerns for safety at home. I am taking this company to court and the neglect to respond is absolutely absurd and unprofessional.


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