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What is Clarity Child Guidance Center up to? How do we feel about current events? Find out here!


While the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (COVID-19) is a medical issue, everyone is feeling the mental health effects of the pandemic. Unstable family situations, unpredictable education, and prolonged stress are hitting kids especially hard. This unique year merits some unique blogs to address its mental health challenges!

Its Time To Tell Our Stories

It’s Time To Tell Our Stories

“Share your story” was one of the themes of the morning as we celebrated the one year anniversary of the One …

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Did We Get It All Wrong

Did We Get It All Wrong?

When Dr. Marcela Polanco knocked on “Alicia’s” door to meet her daughter “Sophia”, she suddenly realized she hadn’t reviewed the …

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One In Five Minds Presents A Conversation With Liza Long

One In Five Minds Presents: A Conversation With Liza Long

On a cool October evening, nearly 200 people gathered to hear a parent’s perspective on raising a child contending with …

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