Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


Attending scheduled appointments directly relates to clinicians ability to help a patient/family.  Clarity Child Guidance Center staff will provide clear parameters to patients and families regarding the expectations of attendance in order to have a case remain active on an outpatient therapist’s or psychologist’s caseload. 


Guardians of outpatient therapy clients will be provided written notification of the no show/cancellation policy:

  • A late cancellation is any appointment not cancelled with at least 24 hours advanced notice.
  • A no show is any scheduled appointment that is missed without notification.
  • Patients that have two late cancellations/no shows in a row or three over the course of twelve months will not be able to continue therapy services at Clarity Child Guidance Center.
  • Guardians may be held financially responsible for the charges of a late cancellation/no show.
  • Guardians will receive written notification after each late cancellation/no show episode, which will include a reminder of the policy.
  • Outpatient therapy clients that have not engaged in any services for a period of 90 days and do not have a documented plan for reengagement in services will be discharged from active treatment.

Families may appeal the above procedure by speaking to the Director of Outpatient Services.