What parents are saying - Clarity Child Guidance Center

What parents are saying

  • Clarity has helped my child become more like herself again. She is more comfortable with herself.
  • CCGC has always been very helpful with my son's needs and this is the only place I trust with my child.
  • They've helped me a lot. They answer my questions and I trust them. I can count on Clarity. Thank you! God Bless.
  • We would have been just another statistic if not for Clarity.
  • They treated my daughter with respect and made her feel safe; they really understood her.
  • I feel my child was treated well and with respect. My son is seen and cared for as an individual and I feel staff, doctors and therapist make an effort to see and treat his uniqueness. It is able to provide safety in a crisis situation. Clarity is a life-saver. Thanks to Clarity we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I cannot thank the staff enough for their kindness, caring and understanding!
  • I felt like a home away from home for my son. It did not look or appear like a hospital where he lived.
  • Thank you all for helping my daughter and teaching her the importance of life and herself. This has been difficult for us, and the Clarity staff has been nothing but kind and understanding, helpful with all questions and concerns.
  • Everyone at Clarity was great. Explained all the information about my son’s stay. Gave me good feedback and guided me to help make my son a better person.