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Programs & Services

We know that the decision to find help for a child with behavioral or emotional issues is not an easy one, but rest assured, you’ve made the right choice. The sooner your child is evaluated and an individual treatment program is designed, the sooner they will be on the path to hope and recovery.

Our first goal is to work with your family to identify the cause of the major problems facing your child. Your child’s treatment program depends on the severity and specific needs of your child and the family’s wishes. It could include one or more of the following:

Outpatient Services

Clarity offers comprehensive outpatient mental health services for children in San Antonio. Many times, your child can be treated without having to be admitted to an on-campus program. With your help, our team of psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors will design an individual program to help resolve these problems.

Our Outpatient Services include: child, adolescent and family therapy (age 4-17); psychological assessments (age 4-17); psychiatric evaluations and management (age 5-17); and neuropsychological assessments (age 5-17).

Day Treatment

Children who experience significant problems at home and school, but do not need inpatient treatment, may be able to receive treatment at Clarity during the day while still living at home. The Day Treatment Program includes therapy, recreational therapy, and life coaching. To access this service, please call our crisis services team.

Acute Care

The term “acute” means severe or intense. If a child or teenager is in crisis, and at risk to harm himself or others, acute care is designed to help quickly stabilize the situation. It involves immediate evaluation and admission, 24-hour nurse and doctor attention, medication if needed, and a plan for future treatment. Acute care can be accessed by phone 24/7.

On Campus 24-hour Treatment

When a child or teenager has trouble functioning well outside of a structured and monitored environment, on-campus 24-hour treatment may be the answer. It offers a full schedule of group therapies and activities in a secure, hospital-based setting.