Thomas' Story

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Thomas' Story

May 16, 2014
Student Graduating

For years Angela has been her son’s constant companion on his journey towards healing. Throughout their struggles, Angela held firm to her belief that he would be okay and she remained committed to helping him overcome the nightmares of his abusive past. Their hard work paid off this past summer when “Thomas” graduated high school and entered college to pursue a degree in graphic design.

Angela adopted Thomas just before his sixth birthday. Sadly, he had never known anything other than terror and pain. The young boy had suffered brutal physical and sexual abuse at the hands of his biological mother and her boyfriend since the age of 2.

Thomas had lived in constant fear for so long that he would take food from the dining table and quickly eat it under a chair. For months he refused to sleep in his bed and every morning Angela would find him asleep on the floor of his closet.

His timid behavior soon turned to explosive anger. Thomas began to pull his hair out, break everything in sight, and throw desks or chairs when he felt the slightest bit of frustration. Many times, Angela would have to physically restrain him from hurting himself or others until they would both fall asleep exhausted.

Thomas was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder and his severe depression would require him to be hospitalized on a regular basis. Angela went to a couple of local mental health hospitals and was never satisfied with their treatment or facilities. Finally, when Thomas was 13 years old, his doctor recommended Clarity Child Guidance Center.

Angela was impressed with the level of care Thomas received at Clarity Child Guidance Center. Over five years, Thomas received inpatient treatment at our hospital approximately four times.

“He would leave Clarity Child Guidance Center like a new child,” notes Angela. “I loved that the whole treatment team was in one place and the staff made a point to include me when creating a specialized treatment plan for my son.”

Thomas’ experience at Clarity Child Guidance Center was also very positive. Before coming to the center, he would attempt to jump out of a moving car or threaten to hurt himself at the very mention of a hospital stay. His stay at Clarity Child Guidance Center changed his perception of inpatient treatment from a punishment to a safe place to get help.

“Following his first experience with Clarity Child Guidance Center, Thomas refused to go anywhere else for treatment,” says Angela.

Recently, Thomas graduated from high school and is now a college student holding down a part-time job at a local grocery store. His successes have been hard earned and he now knows to seek help for himself before his moods get too severe.

Angela is grateful for her son’s achievements and knows that with continued mental health care, he will reach his goal of becoming a professional artist. She remains by his side and is determined to keep guiding him toward a bright future.

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