Kat's Story

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Kat's Story

May 16, 2014
Young Girl

Kat watched in horror as her 7-year-old daughter “Gillian” whipped her 9-year-old brother mercilessly with a belt and threw him against a wall. Kat frantically crossed the room to stop her daughter’s violent attack, but her son had already been hurt. After years of struggling to manage Gillian’s violent outbursts, Kat had finally reached her breaking point. She needed help and most of all she needed hope.

Gillian first showed signs of serious behavioral problems when she was just 11 months old. She would bang her head against walls in frustration, tear clumps of hair out of her head and scream uncontrollably for hours. Over the years, her rages intensified and at the age of 6-years-old, she began threatening to kill her family.

Kat’s son and stepson, both 9-years-old, were terrified of Gillian. The boys lived in fear and would lock themselves in their bedroom when Gillian was out of control. Kat’s little girl was a threat to everyone’s safety.

Kat brought Gillian to Clarity CGC as a last hope. During the past year, Gillian has spent 122 days in treatment programs at Clarity CGC. Thankfully, Gillian has improved tremendously.

“Learning how to change my reactions to her behavior was the biggest help and the greatest challenge,” says Kat. “Our therapist taught me that I could calm a situation by controlling how I respond to her outbursts.”

Now, Gillian no longer throws shoes, knives or pans at her family members and she stopped running away from home each day. Gillian and Kat have learned coping skills that make them feel more in control and better able to handle the stressors that used to trigger a downward spiral.

“The people at Clarity CGC are amazing and our family has had only positive experiences with the treatment staff,” says Kat. “They treat us with respect and we feel like we have a voice in our child’s treatment plan.”

Kat has finally found comfort in knowing she is not alone. She is one of the hundreds of parents who seek help at Clarity CGC each year. Each parent calls searching for answers and Clarity CGC gives them hope.

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