Jake's Story

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Jake's Story

May 16, 2014
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“Jake’s” nana is very eager to have her 12-year old grandson back home. Vicki misses her grandchild’s gentle manners and determination to earn a second degree black belt. She knows that Jake will have to try harder than most to realize his dreams. While receiving inpatient treatment at Clarity Child Guidance Center, Jake appears to be on the long road to recovery with a new commitment to do all he can to help himself.

“My grandson’s mental health issues have at times turned our world upside down and I thought there was nowhere to turn,” says Vicki. “For a time, medications didn’t seem to work anymore and I was at a loss as what to do next. Then I found Clarity Child Guidance Center and the rest is history now.”

Vicki legally adopted Jake when he was 5-years old after being removed from an abusive environment. His traumatic experiences in this abusive home sparked the beginning of his battle with mental illness. The following years were marked by three unsuccessful hospitalizations at other facilities.

“Jake never trusted the staff at the other hospitals,” says Vicki. “It was clear that there was not a connection between him and the staff. It was like he was just a number to them.”

In August 2008, Jake was admitted to Clarity Child Guidance Center’s inpatient treatment program. He had just tried to jump out of a moving car and had destroyed half of Vicki’s home with an axe. Vicki and her husband felt physically and mentally drained after years of anxiously waiting for Jake to do something reckless in a fit of anger. The couple was hopeful that Clarity Child Guidance Center would be able to provide their grandson the help he desperately needed.

The team at Clarity Child Guidance Center worked to adjust Jake’s medications according to his frequent growth spurts. In addition to medication, he is also learning to cope with post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder and early childhood onset schizophrenia. Vicki is comforted by her active role in all treatment decisions at Clarity Child Guidance Center.

“The staff honestly cares about the child and their family,” observes Vicki. “It’s a relief to find people who understand you.”

Jake continues to work toward overcoming the many challenges that face him. While he misses his family, he is happy that Clarity Child Guidance Center’s open campus gives him the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors several times a day. His nana looks forward to watching him play in her front yard once again and very soon.

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