Providers' Testimonials - Clarity Child Guidance Center

Providers' Testimonials

Clarity Child Guidance Center conducts an annual survey with San Antonio healthcare professionals to find out their perception of mental health services in San Antonio The survey is anonymous and the 200 respondents are not told it’s for Clarity. When asked where they would refer a child in crisis, Clarity Child Guidance Center is the respondents’ first choice before any other facility in our city. Below are verbatim comments from the respondents of the 2013 survey.

Clarity has excellent staff: After assessing the patient, they are made to feel comfortable, someone cares and that you are not alone. Excellent doctors and staff.
Clarity seems to have excellent follow-through with clients. The doctors actually spend time with the clients, much more than just the 15 minutes seen with a lot of other psychiatrists. They have good communication.
Excellent clinical teams. Nursing stability. Sound, consistent programming. Longevity of many of the therapists.
I have been to workshops there. Have heard of help they have given to families-very good at working with the family system.
I hear very positive feedback from families who have received services there.
There is an excellent assessment team, psychiatrists on site and available for follow-up, on-site therapists available for groups, family, individual sessions. The behavior modification program is really good.
They respond and keep you informed of the referral.
They work well with schools in developing plans and sharing information for IEP/BIP, therapists very responsive in a timely manner
Parents have returned and had positive comments with regards to treatment, facilities, and staff.
The clients come back in better shape.
They look at everything and the impact it has on individual