Outpatient Care - Clarity Child Guidance Center

Outpatient Care

Clarity Child Guidance Center’s Outpatient Services include: child, adolescent and family therapy (ages 4-17), developmental assessment (ages 1-7), psychological assessment (ages 4-17), psychiatric evaluation and management (ages 5-17), neuropsychological assessment (ages 5-17), and substance abuse evaluation (ages 12-17).

First Step™:

When parents call Clarity CGC Outpatient Intake, based on the parent’s presenting concern, we may offer them a one-time appointment with a licensed psychologist or a psychology trainee under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. The parent(s) and the child will meet with the provider, preferably along with any other involved care-giver. The provider will get everyone’s concerns and perspective on the situation and give the parents their professional opinion as to what services they believe would help.

There is no guarantee that any of the recommended services would be performed by that provider or even here at Clarity Child Guidance Center as it would depend on the type of services being recommended as well as our availability. The goal of this appointment is get a professional’s opinion as to what services could be advantageous for the family and the child.

Please have the parent call (210) 616-0300 and ask for Outpatient Admissions. If they leave a voicemail, they should indicate the best phone number and best time to call back during business hours.

This is what we will need from your patient:

  • Insurance information
  • Who referred them to us
  • Current living situation (custody issues)
  • Treatment history of the child (past and current medication/hospitalization)
  • Brief summary of concerns and needs