How to Refer - Clarity Child Guidance Center

How to Refer

For outpatient appointments, call 210-616-0300.

In the case of a crisis, call 210-582-6412 any time of day or night to talk to a professional referral representative. The crisis assessment incurs no cost to your patient and it takes place at our family friendly facility. Our professional triage staff will discuss the referral process and arrange a confidential meeting to evaluate what the child needs, what the family is comfortable with, and how to best get treatment started.

We only need basic information. In most cases, the initial evaluation is conducted within hours of the initial call. There are certain mental health situations in which our services and hospital facilities are not appropriate. A referral representative will be able to help you determine whether or not our services are appropriate to your needs.

Please use our checklist to help determine if a child may be in crisis and in need of acute care.