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Why give?

Donations benefit Clarity Child Guidance Center's Clarity Care Fund, which helps kids and families who cannot afford treatment.

  • One out of every five children are in need of mental, emotional or behavioral care. That’s about 80,000 children in Bexar County alone! And four out of those five children will not seek treatment because of lack of insurance or inability to pay.
  • As one of the oldest nonprofits, we never turn a family away because of financial hardship or insurance coverage. 80% of the children seen at Clarity are at, or below, 200% of the Federal Poverty Line.
  • Right now, the largest provider of mental health services is the state prison. In juvenile detention, 50%-75% of adolescents have a previously undiagnosed mental illness.
  • 50% of children with mental illnesses wind up dropping out of school. In San Antonio, the current attrition rate from 9th to 12th grade is estimated at 26%.
  • Children suffering from a mental illness are also twice as likely to turn to alcohol and drugs.
  • Nine out of ten parents with a child treated at Clarity reported an improvement in their child. We need to treat kids when they are kids and give them the care they deserve now.

Without your donations, some children will not receive the treatment they need. Click here to donate now.

How your gifts are used

Donations are critical for providing needed services, including psychological testing, inpatient hospitalization and day treatment services, as well as individual, group and family therapies.

Several essential components of our model of care are not covered by insurance. So, by necessity, they must be funded with donations to help provide:

  • A qualified teacher to help children keep up with their schoolwork.
  • A high staff to patient ratio: We provide one mental health care professional for every three patients.
  • Transportation for families in our day treatment program.
  • Our playgrounds, swimming pool, ROPES course, and multi-sensory rooms to assist in therapy.
  • Therapeutic recreation, including art, music and play with purpose therapy
  • Clothing and toiletries for the children that arrive from Child Protective Services or other agencies with only the clothes on their backs

For example, here is how your donation could make a difference:

  • $1,000 could provide assistance to a child at risk of harming themselves or others with treatment in our inpatient facility.
  • $500 could help prevent hospitalization for a child by offsetting the cost of day treatment therapies. 
  • $250 could help offset the cost of an assessment for a child in crisis. 
  • $100 could help offset the cost of allowing a family to participate in the therapy process.
  • $50 could provide supplies for Play with Purpose™, our recreational therapy program that incorporates art, music, yoga, games and other forms of play.

Help heal young minds and hearts and give now.

Clarity Child Guidance Center also offers a planned giving program. Leave a lasting legacy of healing young hearts and minds. Click here to explore these options.