SOLD OUT - Texas Premiere of No Letting Go at the Palladium


SOLD OUT - Texas Premiere of No Letting Go at the Palladium

January 17, 2017
Offical Movie Poster

The No Letting Go Screening at Santikos Palladium is SOLD OUT. We are sorry for the inconvenience. However, we would like to offer two ways you can still experience this amazing film:

You can watch it on line: it's on for $3.99 rent / $9.99 buy. A full list of retailers is here

You can organize a screening in your own community. Please contact for details.

Thank you for your interest. Make sure to sign-up at to stay informed about upcoming events and read useful articles about children’s mental health.

No Letting Go offers a vivid description of the complex challenges many families face, often behind closed doors.  As 9-year old Tim shows initial signs of mental illness, his mom, Catherine, is completely unaware of the extent of Tim’s illness. Tim’s father, a caring dad, initially thinks (like others) that it’s a problem of discipline. Most of her friends don’t understand their situation and many judge them. The school doesn’t see a problem and Catherine is utterly alone for several years.

Watch the movie trailer here.

This excellent film is a must-see for families who are impacted by mental illness, as well as family members, close friends, teachers and professionals. Unless you have experienced the trauma of seeing your child falling into the abyss of a mental health crisis, it is very difficult to understand what it’s like. The film tries to bridge this gap and does a great job.

The One in Five Minds Team

The One in Five Minds campaign, sponsored by Clarity Child Guidance Center, was created not only to raise awareness about mental illness, but also to break down stigma. One in Five Minds’ goal is that no one will be afraid to speak about mental illness and that all children in Bexar County who need treatment will be able to access it, regardless of their ability to pay.
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