Stories of Hope
Kat's Story

young girl.jpgKat watched in horror as her 7-year-old daughter “Gillian” whipped her 9-year-old brother mercilessly with a belt and threw him against a wall. Kat frantically crossed the room to stop her daughter’s violent attack, but her son had already been hurt. After years of struggling to manage Gillian’s violent outbursts, Kat had finally reached her breaking point. She needed help and most of all she needed hope.

Jake's Story

sad teen boy.jpg“Jake’s” nana is very eager to have her 12-year old grandson back home. Vicki misses her grandchild’s gentle manners and determination to earn a second degree black belt. She knows that Jake will have to try harder than most to realize his dreams. While receiving inpatient treatment at Clarity Child Guidance Center, Jake appears to be on the long road to recovery with a new commitment to do all he can to help himself.

Joel's Story

traffic.jpgJenny and her family were driving around town running errands like any other day until her 5-year-old son suddenly jumped out of their moving car and into traffic. As she ran to stop her son from hurting himself, she was overwhelmed by confusion, fear, anger and even shame.

Thomas' Story

graduation.jpgFor years Angela has been her son’s constant companion on his journey towards healing. Throughout their struggles, Angela held firm to her belief that he would be okay and she remained committed to helping him overcome the nightmares of his abusive past. Their hard work paid off this past summer when “Thomas” graduated high school and entered college to pursue a degree in graphic design.

Vincent's Story

sunrise.jpgVincent was 15-years-old when he decided life wasn’t worth living. It had been years since he experienced the highs and lows of everyday life. He slit his wrist to escape the overwhelming feeling of nothingness. Thankfully, his suicide attempt failed and a friend at school noticed his wounds and told a school administrator. Vincent was soon admitted to Clarity Child Guidance Center’s inpatient treatment program where he began his journey toward recovery and along the way he found a friend in his therapist.


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