Clarity Child Guidance Center

healing young minds and hearts

Clarity Child Guidance Center exists to transform the lives of children and families. We are the only not-for-profit mental health treatment center specializing in children ages 3-17 in San Antonio and South Texas. Our inpatient and outpatient programs include a range of services including crisis stabilization psychiatric evaluations and ongoing therapy.

  • Defining Trauma

    Defining trauma has been a challenge across many fields over the past few decades. This is in part because it must go beyond identifying specific events or types of events, and instead must focus on the experience and perceptions that create the trauma. The National Stress Network lists 14 categories of trauma that can affect your family. How do you help them overcome it?...

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  • 6 tips to practice co-parenting with your children in mind

    Raising a child with an ex-partner after a separation or divorce can present many unique challenges to an already complicated task. ...

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  • Helping Multigenerational Families Understand and Communicate with their Children

    Many families are made up of what clinicians refer to as a “multi-generational family.” This means that as a parent you have your parent(s) or older family members living in the home with you, your partner and your child(ren). When this occurs every member of the family faces challenges about how to live together in harmony. How do you navigate it? Our blog from Psychologist, Joshua Essery can help! ...

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