Conversation Starters for Parents


Make time to listen, take time to talk.

Research shows 15 minutes a day of good conversation between parents and their children can help kids be resilient and successful. The "15+" initiative provides practical guidance for parents and caregivers on how to strengthen their relationship with their children by spending at least 15 minutes of undivided time with them each day. Here are some sample questions you can use to start a conversation with your child:

Questions with * are more challenging.

1. What would you change about your childhood/teen years? Why?

2. Would you rather be rich or famous? Why?

3. What three things make a person popular at school/at work?

4. What makes you angry?

5. What one room in your house would you change and how?

6. What's your favorite color?

7. What do you do during lunch?

8. Have you ever laughed so hard, you couldn't breathe? What was so funny?

9. What makes you laugh?

10. Why do you like being [age]? Male/female?

11. What do you remember about your first day at school/work?

12. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

13. What makes you scared?

14. What's a skill you wish you had? Why?

15. What's your favorite sport? Why?

16. Can you teach me how to (fill in the blank)?

17. Would you rather be smart or nice? Why?

18. What was the best thing that happened to you today?

19.What does success mean to you?

20. Why do you think some kids/adults dress differently?

21. How important are someone's looks? Why?

22. What's the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

23. Would you rather be good looking, smart or athletic? Why?

24. What's your favorite animal?

25. What do you love about school/work?

26. What's your favorite vegetable?

27. What do you hate about school/work?

28. Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world?

29. What's your favorite fruit?

30. Whose life do you envy? Why?*

31. If you could sit down with the most powerful person in the world and give that person advice, what would that be?*

32. What do you think about marriage? Having children?*

33. If you saw your friend steal some money, what would you do?*

34.Would you rather be rich or happy? Explain your choice.*

35. Are you affected by violent TV shows and movies? How?*

36. What one thing would you do to make the world more peaceful?*

37. How can we stop gun-related violence?*

38. Has anyone ever really hurt your feelings by calling you a name? How did you respond?*

39. What other cultures interest you? Why?*

40. If you could write a book, what kind of book would it be?*

41. Do you feel safe at school/work? Explain.*

42. If you had to lose one of your senses, which would it be? Why?*

43. Do you like being challenged? How?*

44. If you could go back in time and live in another era, what would it be? Why?*

45. Are you attracted or repelled by people who are different? Talk more about your reasons.*

46. If another student/co-worker threatened you physically, how would you react?*

47. If you saw a student/co-worker pull a knife and threaten someone else, what would you do?*

48. If you get mad at someone at school/work, what do you do?*

49. If you could do one thing to make the earth cleaner and more livable, what would it be?*

50. What disease are you most afraid of?*

51. If you were with kids/adults who were smoking/drinking/taking drugs, what would you do?*

52. Tell me about your first love.*

53. How do you react when you feel "picked on" at school/work? How would you change your reactions?*

54. Which of the following is the most important quality in a person: good looks, a sense of humor, loyalty or talent? Why?*

55. Who do you think has had a tough life? Why?*

56. Do you learn more when you win or when you lose?*

57. If you could share anything with your friend, what would it be?*

58. Describe the perfect girl/boyfriend - husband/wife - mother/father. Why?*

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