Inpatient FAQ

We understand that as a parent or guardian, you may feel anxious about taking your child to a treatment center like ours. But what is it really like? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions by parents about our inpatient program.

What type of services will my child receive?

Clarity Child Guidance Center offers a full range of services for children and teenagers experiencing emotional and behavioral problems. Each child’s situation is different and every treatment program is individually structured to meet those specific needs. All of our services are provided by a staff of specially trained professionals. No matter which level of care your child requires, our staff will approach it with dignity, respect and understanding, while working to assist your child in expressing his or her needs.

Is my child going to be isolated in a room?

Our treatment involves regular positive interaction with staff and other children in their age group. Not including normal sleeping time, most of the children’s time is spent participating in therapeutic activities, both indoor and outdoor.

Is my child going to be safe?

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of your child. We maintain a minimum of one-to-four staff-to-patient ratio to ensure children and teenagers receive proper nursing care. A great deal of care and planning has gone into creating an overall atmosphere that demonstrates dignity, respect and understanding. If a difficult situation calls for it, a staff member will monitor a child on an individual basis.

Am I going to see or even hear from my child during his/her stay?

You have the ability to visit and have meals with your child while he or she is on campus. Access by phone is possible at anytime of the day or night. We offer daily status reports. There is always someone available to answer questions about your child’s daily routine, activities and treatment.

Is my child going to be upset with me?

At admission a certain amount of resistance is normal. But within a short period of time, most children have a very positive reaction to the care they receive here. The security and understanding of our staff helps relieve pressures they may have been experiencing. Because we provide a lot of personal support and attention, we often see children overcome their negative feelings while they’re here.

Does staying at a psychiatric center imply serious mental illness?

Clarity Child Guidance Center is a place of hope and healing. A stay here allows our medical staff to do an extensive assessment and plan for the appropriate care of your child. Our goal is to help them to not need us. It sometimes takes more than one stay, but the care they receive here often protects children from very harmful decisions and activities. It can be a great start for major changes in the life of the child and his or her family.

What happens after the stay?

Children generally need continued support after their stay here, usually from a therapist and/or a psychiatrist. We help you with the next step by providing useful information to your  current medical providers. We also assist you in finding other community resources for your child when needed.

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