How We Treat Kids


Healing Young Hearts & Minds

Clarity Child Guidance Center transforms the lives of children and families facing these types of issues and helps them function better at home, at school and in the community. We believe most children have a strong desire to overcome these challenges, but they may not know how. It’s our goal to discover what is preventing them from getting there and removing those roadblocks. Every treatment program is individually tailored and is completely confidential. We have a high staff to patient ratio to make sure your child receives the attention he or she deserves.

Programs and Services Designed with Love and Compassion

Our first goal is to work with your family to identify the cause of the major challenges facing your child. Our professional staff will conduct a screening assessment and then develop a plan of action to begin the healing process. The recommended treatment depends on the severity and specific needs of each child and the family’s wishes. Clarity Child Guidance Center offers a wide range of programs, including: outpatient services, acute care for those in a crisis situation, on-campus 24-hour treatment and on-campus day treatment.

Family Involvement is Vital

While your child is being treated in any Clarity Child Guidance Center program, communication and involvement with family members is a top priority. Our staff understands you are the parent and have a need to know about the progress of your child at all times. You remain in control and are constantly informed about what is happening on campus by regular calls from nurses or counselors. If you need any resources related to your child’s treatment, our staff can assist you in finding them.

A Staff Dedicated to the Emotional Care of Your Child

Clarity Child Guidance Center exists to heal young minds and hearts. We have the largest and most experienced staff of child specialists in the region to provide diagnosis and treatment. We understand that nothing is more important than treating each child with dignity, respect and understanding.

A Setting That’s More Campus Than Hospital

Conveniently located in The South Texas Medical Center, Clarity Child Guidance Center is designed to be a safe, secure, tranquil and loving place for children and families. The child-focused environment features extensive facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities and physically oriented therapy.

Don’t Let Financial Concerns Keep You From Seeking Help

As a not-for-profit organization and a United Way Agency, a major goal of Clarity Child Guidance Center is to assure that children who come to us in need get help. While we do accept commercial insurance and Medicaid, we also have many alternative methods to fund a child’s treatment. Our financial representatives will work with you to find a way to get the help you need.

Take the First Step and Call Today

Our licensed professionals will help you evaluate your child’s situation and decide the next step. This assistance is free. A quick call today will start putting your mind at ease.

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