Events - Clarity Child Guidance Center


  • Clarity Child Guidance Center | March 09, 2018
    Clarity CGC and the San Antonio Society for Psychoanalytic Studies (SASPS) are proud to partner to present a panel featuring Larry Rosenberg, PhD, and Steven Spitz, PhD, Joshua Essery, PsyD, ABPP, Ashley Powell, PhD and Eboney Jackson, PhD. The panel will discuss the challenges of working as a therapist in community mental health settings.... Read More
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  • Clarity Child Guidance Center | February 23, 2018
    This presentation will provide an interactive discussion on the process of utilizing components of Trauma-Focused CBT to adapt to Childhood Traumatic Grief (CTG) and create a Traumatic Grief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (TG-CBT) treatment plan. The purpose of this presentation is to aid clinicians in exploring options that would facilitate treating the traumatic aspects of the death event for client to proceed and engage in the grief focused work processing typical tasks for their natural grief process. ... Read More
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  • March 02, 2018
    Meet Me @ Clarity is a chance to bring a friend and learn how the services provided by Clarity Child Guidance Center are making an impact in the community and working to end the stigma associated with mental illness.... Read More
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